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Topographical Surveys

Topographical surveys, often referred to as land surveys, are commonly commissioned so comprehensive plans and data of land or the built environment can be produced for feasibility modelling and detailed design work.

Land surveys can range from basic boundary surveys for land registration, conveyancing or dispute resolution to detailed topographical surveys that incorporate the accurate measurement and representation of all visible features above ground and, where necessary, services and drainage below ground. The detail of each survey is tailored to the requirements of the end user; for example, the needs of a landscape architect redesigning a garden will be very different to those of a developer building a new housing or commercial estate. We’re happy to advise on the most appropriate and cost effective specification for your project.

Our extensive knowledge enables us to choose the most appropriate survey equipment and software to fulfil our clients’ requirements, which may include specialist techniques such as GPS and laser scanning. The completed survey can be provided in a variety of formats from traditional paper plots and PDF files to 2D and 3D digital data files in preferred software formats for the end user to view and edit the content as the project progresses.

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