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Terrain Modelling and Volumetrics

Terrain modelling and volumetrics is a specialist service that we provide to a diverse range of clients who need to determine the effects of changes to the profile of the ground.

For example, quarries and open cast mines are required to keep track of the volume of material being removed from their sites, while landfill operators need to accurately determine the amount of fill that is being imported to their sites and, consequently, how much free air space remains available. As the value of commodities and the cost of waste management continue to rise, it’s essential these operators have access to regular and accurate information concerning their site operation. By carrying out periodic surveys, Siteline can provide comprehensive reports detailing the changes to the contour of the land and volumes of materials that have been moved.

The same techniques are used on construction sites where cut and fill operations need to be closely controlled; our regular as-built surveys are linked to our terrain modelling software and allow us to report to the client fast when any deviations to the design are detected.

We’ve provided topographical survey, terrain modelling with volumetric calculations and as-built surveys services on many first class sporting establishments including football, rugby and cricket grounds, golf courses, artificial pitches and school playing fields. We’ve worked closely with specialist sports pitch contractors to provide optimised cut and fill designs that help to minimise the amount of material to be moved and hence reduce costs.

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